Elise Krentzel  
  Sell, Sell, Sell 
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The Millenium Problem

Subway Psychic
Subliminal seduction
media mogul
Admen clad in Bran muffin suits
A holiday spirit
To sell a line
A consumerist line
Waiting, buying
Whilst stuffing their eyes

Snowballs hypocrisy
On Madison Avenue
In winter
Heavy diplomacy
Civil suits
Libel suits

Newspaper print
Suited for words
Disgruntled lies
Why no lies?

"It is written"
journalists, prostitutes
of Winnie the Pooh peace policy
Constructive engagement
Ideological estrangment

Dramas of the US of A
Over and over
A broadcast to haunt you
Entree vous? Exit
No exit.
Jean Paul Sartre,
Did you know he knew
There was no exit.

There were sideways effects
Second wave swollen attacks,
Cauliflower's and tootsie roll brownies
Sea urchins rotting.

They are dramatists
They are liturgists
Saddening news value
Murderous every hour

Fire and words
Are only words of uncommon denominators
Because the rich
Are the constituents of the law and order
Barbarism is not Barbara Ann-ism.
Antagonism my prison
Not an ism, beyond all isms
There, no media exists.
I, the voice,
I, the communicative monster
lions and tigers wild--
Animals attack the clawed out page

whilst the boob tube rages
As the fittest survive
and the shysters lie
and the hipsters cry
as they swing into a heist,
Christ they're getting fame
and who's to blame?
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