Elise Krentzel  
  Subway Psychic 
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The Millenium Problem

Sell, Sell, Sell
Let me see your palm
Splattered with lines the criss and cross over the F, E and G lines.
Your musical ability is running past the track,
symbols of cymbals crack
and smash,
the metal plated path.

Let me tell you man, you're gonna have a long life
with a couple of children and one or two girlfriends,
Hey kootchie koo, want to buy my seester--
over there in the orange ghanja dress,
she has it written on her palm,
she loves you too man-oh man.

Read the caligraphy on your hand.
You're a drunken driver on the line of Times Square.
Sounds like steering intellect is for the birds,
Breadcrumbs and pavement make way
for his neon brain
tipped up and ready
he wishes over and over again.

Goo goo eyeballs falling out of your head
I think you need glasses or don't you understand?
it says it's written in the stars
and it's written on the walls,
time for you to get off
Hop onto another car.
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