Elise Krentzel 
 New York City raised, Elise Krentzel left behind a wild life of rock n'roll journalism to head for Zen-like pleasures in Tokyo, Japan where she stayed for seven years. Achieving the ultimate palette in sushi discrimination and writing her first novel, "The Last Straw" was for her, a bonzai! During the Regan eighties her first poetry volume, "City Wine" was published. She succeeded in building a non-profit in Switzerland, "Hope Tour" which raised awareness of Aids in South African youth by producing rap videos distributed to schools and shebeens in Soweto. She's also lived in Switzerland, Sweden, France and currently resides in Amsterdam where poetry is alive and kicking. Her favorite getaways on earth are Siberia and Mongolia where she croons to the wind swirling inside her head, "leave me alone why don't you leave me alone" - in order to stop herself from talking as much as she does. She works as a knowledge leader coaching and developing business intelligence and communications networks through better practises which employ web based technologies and high touch empathies.