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Jane Satterfield 
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Blighted Landsacpe

Anthem for Damned Youth
All morning, I've listened
to mangled music

than sugared fruit, sweet taste
of the forbidden. O siren,
my brother,

sweet buried heart,
I've spent my whole life
walking the edge,

tempting the fall,
the sudden
slip. But what would you

do with it now,
this offer of solace,
my slight embrace? Silence.

Look back and listen:
the back alleys of London
drip down

to the Thames. And the girl
hung on your neck
like a lock the key

kept missing all along.
Listen: if I'm stuck fast, not meant
to stray to the other side,

why bother to sow
seeds of dark seasons?--these harp notes
so insistent they pave the path
that plunges below?

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