Poetry Hi-Fi Submission Form

Poetry Hi-Fi encourages poetry submissions. However, we hope that you read through the site first before you submit any work. We have no exact preferences to form or content. We want poetry that takes risks with language, form, or content.

That said, we do no want religious verse, sing-song greeting card rhyme, sentimental love poetry, or inspirational verse. Also please save your political dogma. Don't preach; we're not interested. Remember too that this isn't a workshop site. We're not here to stroke egos or to give detailed critiques of why we accept/reject a poem. If you can't deal with rejection, we suggest you surf elsewhere.

Currently we are accepting digital submissions only. To accelerate the process, please fill out the submission form below. Make sure you provide an e-mail address for contact information. It is the only way we will respond to your submissions.

Begin by selecting which section of Poetry Hi-Fi you want to submit work to: Poetry, Round 3 SLAM!, or Links. Include your name, and e-mail or contact information with your submission. Include your submission in the text box provided. If you prefer to send attached ASCII text files via e-mail, please send them to barney@jagunet.com. Once we receive your work, we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 6 weeks for a response. We regret to say that at the moment your only payment is publication.

Currently we are most in need of work for the Poetry SLAM! section of Round 3. We are also interested in receiving reviews of poetry books. Please keep them 300 words or less. If you wish to subit poems to the Poetry section, please submit 3-5 poems.

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