James McManus's Great America
Up the Amusement Park
More Fx than Star Wars

The diabetic Poet teaches at the Art Institute of Chicago. The Reader gets the inside story on Slash Art, stashed tarts, smashed hearts. Gossipy, and I mean that in a good way.

The title poem's a fast-fifty-page Hendrix-trip through the homefront hell and headlines of Desert Storm. Violence in the US of A? The baton-twirler murderer . . . MJ's killer jumper. . . celebs packing heat . . . Uncle Sam as Game Boy . . . You don't have to go looking hard 'cause it'll find you.

"Smash and Scatteration" narrates breakneck sex-shocked performance pieces at the museum, in the nursery, on the tube. ("Ward. . . weren't you a litte hard on / the Beaver last night?")

And check out "Tryptich," a lovesong to the tune of 40-year-old scotch, soundtrack courtesy of half the bands on earth.

-Rob Content

Great America Book Cover
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